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Model 293.1X HSM not reaching full pressure



Figure 1 – Model 293.1X HSM hydraulic schematic of a single channel


Note: Item and part numbers referenced in above hydraulic schematic may vary between manifold assemblies.  Please check your particular assembly number for correct bill of material item and part numbers.  


Item 35 is a small orifice that can clog and if the flow rate drops below the internal leakage of either the low or high pressure solenoid valves you may not build full pressure.  You can remove this with a hex wrench to try and clean it with a small needle or solvent (Figure 2).


Figure 2 – Location of .014 DIA Orifice


Item 6 is the high pressure solenoid valve.  If the valve is not fully closing it could allow oil a path to return not allowing full pressure to build.  This could be due to a bad coil or valve contamination (Figure 3).


Item 5 is the low pressure solenoid valve.  If the valve is not fully opening it could be restricting flow to not allow full pressure to build (Figure 3).  

Figure 3 – Locations of low and high pressure solenoid valves



Item 2 is the main spool and if it’s sticking it could allow oil a path to return and not all full pressure to build (Figure 4).  


Figure 4 – Location of main pressure spool



Bill of Materials For: 049-504-501 - MANIFOLD ASSY-CONTROL 293.1X


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