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Temperature Controller returned an error. Please verify Setpoint range limits on Temperature Controller.




Operator gets the following warnings while operating a temperature controller (Figure 1):


TempController 2-3-Output—Temperature Controller returned an error.

TempController 2-3-Output—Please verify Setpoint range limits on Temperature Controller.


Figure 1 – Application log warning messages






Case Study:


“Here is another thought: The controller that I was demonstrating to you last week began giving me the same issue. In fact, after I switched channel 1 (Upper Zone) over to Fahrenheit, and then back again to Celsius, it became chronic. Would only indicate “Temperature Controller Setpoint Range Error”. So, what I did was to go into the ‘PV’ menu, and changed lower range value to -1 ( C ), and upper range value to 1251 ( C ). Also changed setpoint upper/lower range limits to -1 and 1251. I left 793 Station Manager limits at 0 and 1250. That was an hour and 15 minutes ago, and it hasn’t given me an error yet.


I think that the real issue is that 793 range settings need to fit inside the controller limits, and not exceed by any amount. My guess is that even if I set the Eurotherm up for -1 and 1380, it would still work OK with 793 set at 0 and 1250. Station Manager limits should be a sub-set of the controller’s range. When we try to set them exactly the same, it appears that we are having some kind of error due to math, precision, or resolution. ”




You need to  set the rnGL (input range low) and rnGH (input range high) to outside the Station Manager station setup min/max range (Figure 1).  




Figure 1 – Station Manager’s Min/Max temperature range



They are under the Eurotherm’s menu settings Config > PU (Figure 2). 

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