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Why will the Geo Materials software macros not work with Excel 2016?



Why will the Geo Materials software macros not work with Excel 2016?


Case Study:


Last month we installed a newer version of MTS 793 and Civil Engineering software on to a computer running Windows 10 with Excel 2016.  


Today, I ran the first test on the new software, and ran in to an issue when trying to analyze the data using the report generator function.  In report generator, I can open the raw data file, but that data will not generate because the Test Definition information is blank.  


Figure 1



See Error window below (Figure 2):


“Specified load cell input not found.  Check Compressive Strength Test under the MTS->Test Definition->Uniaxial Rock menu.”


Figure 2


The test definition should have the following parameters saved, see screen shot from previous computer used (Figure 3):


Figure 3






As of 2019, the last supported version of Excel was 2010.  However this is a work-around for Excel 2016.


If you are logged in as an administrator or running the macros as an administrator you should be able to run the macros normally.  If you are not logged in as an administrator you need to run Microsoft Excel as an administrator.  


However, this may not be straightforward.  When you install the Geo Materials software, a short cut is added to the start menu.   The short cut is actually a link to the add-in file, not Excel.  Because of this, you cannot right click on that file and run as administrator.  Here are the steps to make things work:


1.            Click the Windows icon, navigate to Excel 2016, right-click and select More > Run as administrator.


2.            Click the Windows icon, navigate to the Example Report Generator item, right-click, select More > Open File Location. This should open the Windows File Explorer.   


3.            Note the location of the Geo Materials macro file.


4.            From Excel, use the File menu > Open to open the Example Report Generator.


Note:   If you can’t access C:\ProgramData copy that file to a different location where you can access it from the Excel File Open menu structure.  After the macros are open in this way they should function properly.

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