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How do you remove skewed data points in the Fracture Analysis graph?



How do you remove skewed data points in the Fracture Analysis graph (Figure 1)?


Figure 1 – Skewed data points in Fracture Analysis





Open the Fracture Analyzer Application from the MPE Tools Menu.


Right-click on the Analysis Run > Select View Analysis Run (Figure 1). 


Figure 1 – View Analysis Run selection 




On the Analysis Inputs tab set the Automatic Tag to Manual Tag (Figure 2).


Figure 2 –Changing to Manual Tag



Right-click on the on the analysis run LT-1 and View Tagged Blocks (Figure 3).  



Figure 3 – Selecting View Tagged Blocks 




Select JIC Step next to Select Block.  Select the data points from the left and use the right-arrow button to move them to the Tagged list on the right (Figure 4).  Once you have finished click the Apply button.  

Figure 4 – Tagging unwanted data points




Click on the Refresh All Analysis Views button (Figure 5).



Figure 5 - Refresh All Analysis Views button



New analysis view should reflect new analysis view (Figure 6).







Figure 6 – New view after tagging data



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