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Is there a way to recover deleted test runs in TestSuite MPE or TWE?



Is there a way to recover deleted test runs in TestSuite MPE or TWE?





As of 12/4/2018 there is not a way to recover deleted test runs because they do not go to the recycle bin.   


According to the developers there is an enhancement request in the backlog to put them in the recycle bin.   No definitive date as to when that will be completed has been offered.





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Utilize the recycle bin when deleting TestSuite files (tests, data, etc.)

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You can contact MTS at 1-800-328-2255 to find out if the enhancement is available yet and the release date.  


If and when you have the enhancement you can check the recycle bin for deleted test runs.


If you recycle bin is not on your desktop go to:


Start menu > Type desktop icons in the search bar > select show or hide common icons on the desktop > Check Recycle Bin (Figure 1).




Figure 1 – Desktop Icon Settings



Double-click on the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop to view deleted contents.  If you see any files you want to restore you can do that by left-clicking on it and select Restore.  


If you don’t see the missing files in the recycle bin it may mean there was not enough space left in your recycle bin to hold the deleted files and they were permanently deleted from the hard drive. 



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