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How do you regain access to TestSuite to reconfigure the users?



How do you regain access to TestSuite to reconfigure the users?



Case study:


“Our company has changed the Windows Active Directory Domain for its users from a legacy domain to a new domain.  I had user permissions for TestSuite TWE tied to user accounts.  From a company perspective, users can still log into their accounts and everything is still there. 


However, when I.T. migrated our accounts they removed access to the accounts through the old domain, and TestSuite is recognizing the user accounts under the new domain as a different user account. 


In other words, it isn’t recognizing Company Name\my_user_pin as me.  The problem is that I am the administrator.  Is there a way to disable the link between windows user accounts and TestSuite permissions and/or is there a way to bypass the user security so that I can get in and remedy this?”





First delete (rename if they wish) the AllUsersTestSuite.config file.  This file is located in the C:\MTS TestSuite\Configurations folder.



Figure 1 –AllUsersTestSuite.config file directory



Along with that file, remove all the .TSUser files and folders from the C:\MTS TestSuite\Users directory (Figure 2).



Figure 2 –.TSUser files Directory



After these files are removed re-install TestSuite and select the Repair option.  This option is available when installing the same version that is already on the system.    After the re-install, User Management will be set as No User Management so they would need to turn that back on and re-add users if needed.


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