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Echo: How to Change Associated Station Configuration File

There are two ways to re-associate Stations and Equipment:

  1. The first way is to go to the Windows File Explorer, navigate to the Config folder (default path is C:\MTS 793\Controllers\MTS FlexTest 100\Config) and copy the Station cfg file that you want associated and rename it to something meaningful. 

When the copied file is opened in Station Manager, a popup will appear from the Echo Widget asking to associate it. If you want to associate this new Station with Equipment that is already associated, simply  click on the grayed-out association link (equipment name) and it will provide another pop-up window to change the association for that Equipment.  You may either delete the old cfg file or you may open it in Station Manager to re-associate it to other Equipment.

  1. The second way to do it is to navigate (in a browser) to the Echo Lab Management page. From there, find the Equipment that is associated wrong and delete it by clicking on the “Settings” gears icon, then clicking on Delete


When you open Station Manager and run the cfg that was associated with that file, the Echo Widget will pop-up a new Associate Equipment window




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