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Grip supply making loud grinding sounds and tripping circuit breaker


Model 685.10E.05 grip supply (assembly number 57-509-601) has been louder than normal, tripped a circuit breaker, and now makes a very loud grinding noise as in the attached video (Video 1).  


Video 1 – Grip supply making grinding noise


The pump is spinning and creating pressure but is unusable.



Motors are known to make noise when they go bad so could be the source of the noise; high amp draw and unstable pressure output.  There is an equal chance it is the pump.  You could remove the motor from the grip supply and run it without the pump or coupling attached and if it still makes a grinding sound you know it is the motor. 


  • Part number 011-074-489 (PUMP-GEAR,HYDRAULIC/CCW .073 CU IN/REV,3)
  • Part number 100-140-621 (MOTOR-MARATHON ELECTRIC,60HZ,115V)
  • Part number 11-087-801  (SEALANT,RTV, ELECTRICAL, 3 OZ TUBE, WHITE)


Note:  Please confirm part numbers for your specific assembly before ordering part numbers above. 


The motor and pump should be installed as concentrically as possible.  See Flange Installation procedure; MTS document 358618-01 (Figure 1).



 Figure 1 – Flange Installation procedure MTS document 358618-01



Things to consider replacing at the same time:


  • Part number 009-271-974 (COUPLING-SHAFT, FLEX, BORED 5/8 X 3/16KW+1).   This can wear out over time and make noise, but it should not affect pressure output.


  • Part number (CAN-OIL, FILLED LABELED MOBIL SHC 525 H).   Two gallons to fill the reservoir and one additional gallon to top of the reservoir from time to time as you swap grips.  


  • Part number (FILTER-ELEMENT, SPIN ON 10 MICRON,18PSI B).


No action necessary, just thoughts of things that could cause a motor or pump to wear out:

  1. Is the reservoir out of oil and the pump is running dry, causing the pump to burn out?
  2. Is the oil dirty which wore out the pump?
  3. Is the pressure reducing valve or pressure relief valve malfunctioning, dumping oil?  A very low possibility as one would expect the pressure to stabilize at some point.




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