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Echo Cloud Set-up

Echo (cloud) Setup

As an MTS Echo Administrator you will need to define your labs and equipment as well as download and install the MTS Echo Widget to be able to take advantage of your Equipment Monitoring subscription. Whether you have monitoring for 1 or 100 test rigs, the process outlined here will help you to get up and running quickly.

Login to 

Login to Echo using your email address and password. You should have received your temporary password in the Welcome to MTS Echo email. On first log in you're prompted to change your temporary password to something secure. 

Define Labs & Equipment

Before you can associate or monitor your equipment using MTS Echo, you must tell Echo about them by defining your lab(s) and equipment. To make that as simple as possible we've created a simple guided tour on the Lab Administration page that will take you, step by step, through the process of creating your first lab and equipment. 

  1.  Click on the Lab Admin link.
  2.  The guided tour will automatically start so simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be setup in no time!
  3.  The first steps will ask you to create and name your lab. In this example the new lab is called "Remotely Monitored Lab".
  4.  The next steps will have you create your first equipment and define its type so that it is easy to recognize.
  5.  The remaining steps will tell you more about the tools you can utilize in Lab Administration but leave you with your first lab and equipment.  

Once you have completed the initial guided tour you'll simply follow the same steps for each lab and equipment in your company. Notice that your equipment will have a red border and the word "Unassociated" below it. This means that it has been defined within MTS Echo but is not yet associated with real equipment. That will be covered in the "Connect Equipment to MTS Echo" section of this guide. 

Add Users (optional)

You may want to add users to MTS Echo so that everyone in your lab is able to use MTS Echo. 

  1.  Click on the User Admin link to add users to your company.
  2.  Simply click the "Add User" button to get started. ◦ Anybody you add will get an email with their login and temporary password. ◦ You can also add users with administrative capabilities as well.
  3.  If you ever need to remove users (if somebody leaves your company, for example) you can manage all of that by clicking the "Profile" button from this page.
  4. . You may also assign certain privileges to a user from the "Privileges" button.  

Download & Install the MTS Echo Widget

  1. Click the "Downloads" link (in the left navigation) to view your available downloads.
  2.  Here you should find the "MTS Echo" option with a green and clicking will take you to the MTS Echo download page.
  3.  Download the Widget by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button. You may do this from each Controller PC with equipment you will monitor from MTS Echo or download once and use a flash drive or other method to access the downloaded file from each Controller PC. 
  4.  Follow the installation instructions on the download page clicking the "Installation Instructions" button located below the "DOWNLOAD" button. This needs to be done on each controller PC unless you have a PC-Per-Station setup in which case only install on the Master PC.
  5.  When the installation is complete, you will be prompted for your activation code which can be obtained by clicking the "Activation Code" button located before the "Installation Instructions" button on the MTS Echo download page.

Connect Equipment to MTS Echo 

Now that you have defined your labs and equipment, you can begin connecting your equipment so that you can see the real-time status and activity of that equipment remotely. 

793-Based Test System (793 versions 5.3 and beyond)

  1. Launch the MTS Echo Widget by double clicking on the desktop shortcut.
  2.  If you are connected to the Internet and able to reach the MTS Echo Server, you'll see a green circle with a 0 in it.
  3.  Load the station(s) you wish to associate in 793 Station Manager
  4.  Once your station is loaded a pop-up from the MTS Echo Widget will ask you to pick which equipment this station represents. 
    • Please note that if you already have stations loaded, the pop-up(s) will fire automatically.
    • Pick from the equipment that you already created and make sure you are selecting the correct equipment for the station.
  5.  That's all! Your equipment is no longer 'Unassociated' in MTS Echo. This station will now be visible anywhere through MTS Echo! 

Non-793 Based Test Systems running TestSuite (version 3.6 and beyond) 

  1. Launch the MTS Echo Widget by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. 
  2. Load TestSuite and connect to a station.
  3.  Turn on Echo within TestSuite by:
    •  Clicking on Preferences -> Configuration and select the Remote tab (furthest tab on the right).
    •  Make sure the 'Enable Remote Server', 'Use Local Server' and 'Hide Server Console' check boxes are checked.
  4. Load the station(s) you wish to associate and a pop-up will ask you to pick which equipment this station represents. Please note that if you already have stations loaded the pop-up(s) will fire automatically. Pick from the equipment that you already created and make sure you are selecting the correct equipment for the station.
  5.  This Station will now be visible anywhere through Echo!

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) 

Compatible HPUs can be connected to Echo Health Monitoring : 

Proactively maintain your test systems with on-demand health updates from anywhere. 

MTS Echo System Health Monitoring enables 24/7 protection of your test system performance. Advanced sensing technology and proprietary algorithms provide early failure warning, predictive trending and actionable recommendations, helping you keep your system running smoothly at all times.

  •  Know system health status at any time, from anywhere
  •  Control costs and enhance uptime with proactive, predictive maintenance
  •  Receive immediate notification of potential issues
  •  Minimize the likelihood of expensive, catastrophic events from occurring 

Please ask your MTS Sales rep to learn more about this exciting new option! 

View MTS Echo Anywhere! 

Now that you're all set up, you can monitor your equipment from anywhere with MTS Echo. There are several ways that you can do this. 

Through the "Open in Web Browser" Button on the MTS Echo Widget 

From your controller PC you can simply click the "Open in Web Browser" button to have your default web browser opened to your equipment's runtime display. 

If you have more than one test system connected and loaded, the widget will prompt you to select which you'd like to have opened for you. 

Directly by visiting 

You can visit and login at to access your equipment directly through:

  1.  Equipment link
    •  The Equipment link in the sidebar will display a modal from which you can choose the equipment you'd like to view
  2.  Timeline
    •  Access equipment that has recently generated a feed message, clicking the name will take you to its profile
  3. Lab Overview
    •  Each lab and equipment is displayed with current known status, clicking the name will take you to its profile

Using the MTS Echo mobile app 

You may also use the "MTS Echo" mobile app on most mobile devices. Get MTS Echo from the iTunes Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android to be able to see what's happening in your lab whenever and wherever you are!

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