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MTS Echo Hub: How to Check Software Versions and Update

MTS Echo HUB Versions

The latest Echo Hub software release is Echo Hub v1.8.1 which includes the following versions: 

  • Monitoring App Version: 3.6.0
  • Echo Hub Code: 1370

Finding the Echo Monitoring App Version

To check the Echo Monitoring App version, right click the Echo Hub icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the Windows desktop and the version will be displayed. 

Finding the Echo Hub Software Version

To check the Echo Hub software version, click the gear icon next to “Hubs” on the left side of the Echo Monitoring App 

Then click on “Hub Info”.

Check the Software Version to verify it is at the latest (Echo Hub Code 1370).

Updating the Software

To update the Echo Monitoring App or the Echo Hub software, download the latest version from the following MTS Echo link:

The “” file contains the following: 

Update Echo Monitoring App

To update the Echo Monitoring App, first close the Echo Monitoring App if it is running. To close, right click the Echo Hub icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the Windows desktop and click “Exit”. 

Then run the “MTS Echo Hub Installer.exe from the extracted ZIP file. 

IMPORTANT: If the user installing the application is not an Administrator, right clickMTS Echo Hub Installer.exe” and select “Run as administrator”.

Select the Echo Hub model C1, H1 or D1 (see Hub Info Model ID if unsure of Hub model). 

Then select “Monitor PC” to install the Echo Monitoring App. 

Update Echo Hub Software

To update the Echo Hub software, click the “Update” button under “Hub Management

Then click “Select Update File” 

Browse to the extracted ZIP file and select “Code-1370” 

After the software is uploaded to the Echo Hub, wait for the Echo Hub LED to turn solid green (this may take a while depending on the previous version). 

After the Echo Hub LED turns solid green, click “Return to Dashboard” at the top left of the Echo Monitoring App. 

Then click the gear icon to the right of “Hubs” and click “Hub Info” and verify the Software Version is 1370. 

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