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How can I repair damaged threads on a 661.11B-02 Load Cell?



How can I repair the damaged threads on a 661.11B-02 Load Cell?




You can order one of the two Helicoil kits (Figure 2) to repair the damaged M6x1.0MM threads (Figure 1).  Unless you are familiar with the repair process, it is recommend to have the load cell shipped back to MTS for the repair or ordering kit P/N 100-270-415 since this kit includes everything in  Part # 100-269-763 THREAD REPAIR KIT – M6 HELICOIL (Figure 3) along with additional items and instructions on how to perform the repair (Figure 4).



Figure 1 – Thread Specifications for the 661.11B-02 Load Cell



Figure 2 – Helicoil Repair and Tool Kit Options for repair of Load Cell M6x1.0mm Threads




Figure 3 – MTS P/N 100-269-763, THREAD REPAIR KIT-M6 HELICOIL



Figure 4 – Bill of Materials for MTS P/N 100-270-415, Tool Kit-M6 Helicoil Replacement, Service




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