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Can MTS calibrate my 6DOF load cell made by ATI?



Can MTS calibrate my 6DOF load cell made by ATI?





No.  This load cell requires a 6-axis fixture which the MTS Calibrations lab does not have.  It is used primarily on a model 858 Spinewear Testing machine which has only one axis to mount the load cell on so it cannot be calibrated in the field either.  It must be sent back to the original manufacturer.   They will supply a calibration data sheet with the parameters needed to build a sensor file in MTS 793 Station Manager software.  


If the ATI load cell was purchased through MTS as part of a package, MTS may have already entered the calibration data into the software and built the sensor file prior to shipping everything to the customer.  The calibrations data sheet would also be provided as a backup.  


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