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TMF Error Message: Inductor Flow <




Thermomechanical Fatigue System (TMF) will not allow energizing of the heating coil and gives the following error (Figures 1 & 2):


                Error Message

             <20315> Inductor Flow <



This happened after moving the system.  During the move the coil fitting was damaged and replaced with new fitting.  The inductor flow is around 1.1 l/min, whereas before moving and subsequent damage it was around 3.0 l/min. 




Figure 1 – TruHeat HF 3010 Error 




Figure 2 – Zoomed view of error message






The coil fittings themselves are not particularly prone to damage, but the copper tubing that the coil is constructed of is. It’s possible in a scenario like this, a portion of the coil acquired a kink and is restricting the water flow. Normal water flow is typically in excess of 2.2 liter/minute, and the inductor flow trip level is set at 1.8 liter/minute. 


Since the fittings used are of ‘Swagelok’ variety, it is not possible to replace the fitting without cutting off a portion of the copper tubing with it.  If this happened and cleaning the end of the tubing with a reamer or other suitable tool was neglected during the repair, it could also restrict the flow.


Check that the cooling hoses are not reversed.  The hose from the PROCCESS OUTLET of the chiller need to go to the Water IN of the TMF heating box and the Water Out on the TMF heating box should go to the PROCESS INLET of the chiller (Figures 3 & 4).  



Figure 3 – Hose connections on TMF Heating box



Figure 4 – Hose connections on Chiller


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