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Not able to successfully install 709 or Field Point Software or get a communication error after installation.



Not able to successfully install 709 or Field Point Software or get a communication error after installation.




Please go through the setup instructions below to insure everything was done correctly. 


The most common problems we see are:


  1. The wrong FPCVIMgr.dll file gets installed; see description under section “Important Installation Note” in the 709 Alignment Software installation,  or…
  2. The license file not being selected as “server” (Figure 8) under the License installation section below.








The main content of the Software Installation Sections should reflect Windows 7 and FieldPoint 6.0.8, along with the FP0-2200 as the current platform.



Hardware and Software Requirements:


  • FP-2200 Real Time Controller Module
  • 2.0 .Net Framework or Higher
  • FieldPoint 6.0.8 Real Time Software
  • FieldPoint 6.0.8 Firmware
  • 709 Alignment software pre-V 3.3.6


As of Feb.6th, 2020, the newest software is version 3.3.6.


The biggest difference between the systems is that old 709 uses FieldPoint hardware (cFP-2200 processor) with Ethernet environment, whereas new hardware utilizes CompaqDaq hardware and USB connectivity.




Remove Previous Installations 


When upgrading from previous versions to the current version of the 709 Alignment software, all previous versions of 709 Alignment software, and FieldPoint must be removed.

This is sometimes overlooked and can result in the error message:

"Cannot open the Field Point Configuration File. The CVI runtime engine must be properly installed" 

even after all other installation instructions have been followed.   NI is not very good with version migration.    


.Net Framework Installation 


The MTS 709 Alignment software runs within the 2.0 .Net framework.  If your system already has the 2.0 .Net framework or higher version installed, you do not need to install it.


You can determine the .Net Framework versions on your system by launching the Windows Explorer and going to the following path:   c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework.


The Framework folder should contain other folders with the version number of the currently installed dotNet Framework versions.


National Instruments (NI) FieldPoint Installation 


Figure 1 – NI-FieldPoint 6.0.8 Setup


Figure 2 – Choose Next

Figure 3 – Verify the Installation Directory and choose Next


Figure 4 - The hard drive icons are the items that get loaded.  This is the first page.


Figure 5 - Finish by selecting:  LabWindows/CVI Support and .NET Framework 3.5 Languages.  Select Next.



Figure 6 - Uncheck the box and select Next.

Figure 7 - Accept the License Agreement and select Next.

Figure 8 - Accept the License Agreement and select Next.

Figure 9 - Summary page should look like this.  Select Next.


Figure 10 - Software Installation Progress.

Figure 11 - NI-Field Point Software Installation Complete.  Select Next.

Figure 12 - Restart your computer.



709 Alignment Software Installation 


Next step is to load the 709 software version 3.3.3.

Figure 1 - Go to the 709 CD and select 709AlignSetup

Figure 2 - Select Setup


Figure 3 - Select Next.


Verify it will be installed in the default folder as shown, select the Everyone, then Next (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Figure 5 - Select Next.

Figure 6 - Select I Agree then Next.

Figure 7 - Software is installing.

Figure 8 - Software is done installing.  Select Close.


Important Installation Note:


The current version of FieldPoint (6.0.8) has an issue with generating data acquisition routines to a controlling application.


The National Instruments file containing these routines is named FPCVIMgr.dll.  There is a correct copy of this file located on the installation CD (Figure 1).


Figure 1 - Correct file version as shown on the Installation CD


If the correct version of this file does not get installed, the 709 application will not communicate correctly with the FieldPoint hardware.  This file is the update that allows the FP2200 module to work with Win 7.


Upon completion of the installation for BOTH the National Instruments FieldPoint and the 709 Alignment software, copy this file to the appropriate location (Figure 2):


On an XP system or Windows7 32-bit PC:    c:\Windows\System32.

On a Windows7 64-bit system:                                   c:\Windows\SysWOW64.


The correct file is: Dated 6/15/2011 version

The date MUST be correct.   The bad version dated 8/13/2009 has the same version number.


This will be noticed when running the 709 Application and clicking on the either the Alignment or Verification tab.


Although there could be other reasons for communications issues, an incorrect version of the FPCVIMgr.dll file could be the fault.




Figure 2 - As shown below when you copy the file.


Figure 3 - Select Copy and Replace.


Note: if you select “Copy, but keep both files” you may still have the same problem until the old file is removed from the directory.


License File Installation


Next you will install the NEW LICENSE File if one came with the job or you will have to capture the information necessary from the PC to send back to MTS to have a NEW LICENSE File created.

From the 709 CD select MTSLicenseSetup as shown below.


Figure 4 - Figure 4 - Select Setup

Figure 5 - The Licensing Software Installation starts.

Figure 6 - Select Next.


Figure 7 - Select:   Yes for the Licensing Agreement.

Figure 8 - Select SERVER and select Next.



Figure 9 - Select Browse and find the location of where you copied the License to and select Next.


The location shown may not match your location.  The following show you how to navigate through these next steps (Figures 10-12).

Figure 10


Figure 11


Figure 12 - Once the location of the License has been found select Next.


Figure 13 - Setup will continue the Installation after you select Next.



Figure 14 - The Licensing installed is successful.  Select OK.


Figure 15 - This shows where the License File is located.

Figure 17 - This shows where the MTS 709 Alignment and MTS Licensing software folders reside in the Program folder.


Measurement & Automation Explorer:  This is what My System looks like, with no hardware connected (Figure 18).  If you look in Remote Systems with hardware connected you will see the cFP-2200 with s/n listed.

Figure 18 - Measurement & Automation Explorer Window


Figure 19 - Measurement & Automation Explorer version





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