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Boot Device Not Found Please install an operating system on your hard disk Network Path Not Found PXE Error




Operator gets any of the following errors when trying to boot their MTS supplied Hewlett Packard (HP) computer (Figure 1):


Boot Device Not Found

Please install an operating system on your hard disk


Figure 1 – BootDevice Not Found error when booting the computer


The operator may also see the following messages:


Network Path Not Found

PXE Error 




This means the computer is trying to boot of a network that doesn’t exist or is not connected to the computer.  MTS computers are configured to boot off the local drive (C:).   If the local disk has failed, it will go to the next boot option in the boot list.   If the next item in the boot list is a missing network, it will continue to give errors down the entire boot list and eventually fail to boot the computer.  


If you boot the computer and hit the (F9) button on your keyboard it will take you to the boot menu.   If you don’t see a local disk drive anywhere in the boot order that means the disk is not being detected.  You can power off and open the computer and try to reconnect the ribbon cable at the mother board and at the disk drive to see if there was a connectivity problem but if that doesn’t work the disk has likely failed.  

To verify run hardware diagnostics per the manufacturer’s instructions below.  MTS does not warranty the computer.  Any warranty claim or technical support for the computer would need to be done directly with HP.


How to run HP hardware diagnostics when Windows will not start


  1. Hold the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer.
  2. Turn on the computer and immediately press Esc repeatedly, about once every second. When the menu appears, press the F2 key.
  3. On the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) main menu, click System Tests.
  4. Click Extensive Test.
  5. Click Run once, or Loop until error.

While the test is running, the time remaining and test result for each component displays on the screen.

  1. If a component fails a test, write down the failure ID (24-digit code) for when you contact HP Customer Support. The information is also available in Test Logs on the main menu.

Get support with Failure ID



For additional support from HP go to:

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