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There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found.



When the TestSuite procedure reaches the Run External Application activity intended to open a PDF file, Acrobat Reader opens with a message saying (Figure 1):


There was an error opening this document.  This file cannot be found.


Figure 1 - Acrobat Reader error window





First make sure the file path is correct.  Browse to the file location and right-click on it and select Properties.  Go to the Security tab.  Highlight the file path next to Object name and copy it (Figure 1).  

Figure 1 – Coping the correct file path name




Click on the Run External Application activity in your procedure.  Click on the ellipses () next to Arguments.  Paste the file path into the Edit Arguments window (Figure 2).  

Figure 2 – Entering the correct file path in the Edit Arguments window



If this doesn’t fix the problem, it may mean the path placeholder results in a path with spaces.   If that’s the case, add quotation marks around the argument as in the example below:


"C:\_MechTest\SOP TWE Ref\SOP MT-005-99 C.pdf"



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