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How do I automatically open the station configuration I want when I launch TestSuite?


How do I automatically open the station configuration I want when I launch TestSuite?



Creating a Desktop Shortcut

If an MP shortcut does not already exist on your desktop for your station configuration, create a station shortcut.

A station shortcut is a desktop icon that, when clicked, automatically opens the proper controller and the desired Station Configuration. MTS recommends you create a new station shortcut whenever you change Station Configurations. The station shortcut is displayed as an MPX icon on your desktop with a name that includes the controller and Station Configuration file. If you have multiple stations, you can create a separate shortcut for each Station Configuration file.

  1. Open your MTS TestSuite application: On the Start menu, select All Programs > MTS TestSuite > Multipurpose Elite or Express
  1. On the Tools menu, click Create Desktop Shortcut. The Create Desktop Shortcut window opens. 

  1. Select the Station Configuration and controller. 

Browse to the Station Configuration file you will be using or type the file name in the Station Configuration box. Ensure that this configuration file contains the parameter and tuning sets that you want the operator to use for the tests. Click OK.

  1. The newly created icon appears. 


Source:  TestSuite Help menu > Create a Desktop Shortcut topic.

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