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No ability to add extra meters in a 793 station

The maximum number of meters that can be created in 793 software is determined by the maximum value set up in the System Options Editor. 

In the image below it shows maximum meters at 9. It also shows a default value of 16. 

Note: The default value for the maximum number of meters may depend on what controller you have.


To change the maximum number of meters allowed, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\MTS 793\ntbin and launch the SysOptEdit.exe program. 

When the System Options Editor window opens up select the File menu and select ‘Open’. 

From the open window select “”. this should populate the System Option Editor window. 

Select Station Manager in the left column to bring up the ‘Maximum Meters’ and it’s value in the column on the right.


You should be able to set the maximum meters value to anything up to and including the default value. 

If tyou change the maximum meters value to something higher that was previously in the file, you will need to do a File-Save.

Close and reopen Station Manager fto apply the new value.

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