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Making an EC2 instance "Connectable"

To be able to use your AWS console to log into a server and avoid using PuTTY you must do the following.

1. PuTTY into the server (for hopefully the last time)

2. Run the command (assuming an Amazon Linux instances):

sudo yum install -y

3. When the install finishes, then run the command:

sudo status amazon-ssm-agent

4. If it is running, you needn't do anything else. If it isn't, try 

sudo start amazon-ssm-agent

5. Find the EC2 Instance in your AWS console

6. Under Actions/Security select 'Modify IAM role'

7. If there is an IAM role listing 'EC2-SessionManager' then you are done (skip to step 9)

8. Otherwise, add it and 'Save'

9. It will take a few minutes for the updates to be complete and register, so be patient. 

10. From the Instance page, click on the "Connect" button on the top right.

11. Select the 'Session Manager' tab and the 'Connect' button should be orange. 

12. Click on it and it will create a new browser tab and log you in.

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